Introducing the Subcast Share Link

You just dropped a hot new episode of your podcast. What do you do to get the word out?

If you’re like most podcast publishers, your next step is to alert your listeners through your website, newsletter, and social media accounts. But what do you Tweet, share on Facebook, write in your blog, or send in an email to get people listening or subscribing in their app of choice?

Maybe your solution looks something like this:

Frame 3.png

This is messy, but works well enough, if you’re on your phone and your favorite app is iTunes, TuneIn, or SoundCloud. However, for most podcast listeners (and especially those listening on Android or desktop), this isn’t the case.

So maybe you just link to your website. Even though it’s practically impossible to listen or subscribe on the web, at least everyone who taps or clicks the link has the chance to learn more about your show.

By the time listeners actually get to your episode (if they ever do), it doesn’t feel so hot anymore.

A better way

We’ve come up with a new way to save your characters and maximize downloads and subscribes.

The concept is simple. We replace all of the various app and website links with a single link.

When you want to let your followers know that you are dropping a new episode of your podcast, instead of embedding Soundcloud, linking to iTunes or to your website, use the Subcast Share Link in your email, Tweet, or Facebook post. From there, we’ll do our best to get that listener into their favorite app, where they can easily download or subscribe.


Here's how it works:

  • If the listener clicks on the link while on their desktop computer, they are seamlessly redirected to the podcast episode homepage.
  • If a listener is on their iPhone or Android phone, then they are prompted to open the episode in their favorite podcast listening app.
  • If the user is new to podcasting, they can use the first button. These apps (Podcast app or Google Play) are pre-installed on all phones. This works for all users.

Simple, right? Our goal is to get your listener from their social feed to their listening app as effortlessly as possible.


How much does this cost?

The beta is free for participants in exchange for feedback on your experience and any feedback you receive from listeners.

Can I use my own custom domain instead of

Not yet. However, if you have your own link shortener you can wrap the url to make it appear custom to listeners.

Do I get stats for how many people are clicking and opening apps?

Yes. Your dashboard will display the number of clicks, views, and app launches on each device type.

How long will the links work?

These links will last indefinitely. More importantly, they will continue to improve: unlike generic link shorteners, we’ll keep them updated to work with the ever-changing ways that people listen to podcasts.

Can I control which apps are shown to users, or their order?

This is not a feature we support for the beta, but if you are interested in this then please let the team know.

Can I add branding or change the language on the launch page?

This is not a feature we support for the beta, but if you are interested in this then please let the team know.

What about desktop web? How do users get to their app from there?

We’ve been thinking about this issue a lot and have an idea. Ask the team if you are interested in trying something new.